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Healthcare has hit an inflection point. Transformation today is being driven from outside the "traditional" medical circles and everyone can be a part of it. Whether your a physician, nurse, scientist, engineer or entrepreneur learn how to successfully build a medtech business in this new healthcare ecosystem in months, not years.

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We can sum everything we've learned about digital health in one sentence:

healthcare should run at the speed of e-commerce not a fax machine

You've probably seen all the old advice around putting patients first, finding your value proposition, gaining clinical validation, raising money from investors and getting KOLs on board.

Well I hate to break it to you - that model is outdated.

To grow a digital health venture in 2021 you need new tactics and new tools.

The entire reason Medtech Founder was created was to leave this old model behind and update the tools and strategies needed for innovators to create digital health solutions in months not years.

This community of digital healthpreneurs was build to help you

Share your challenges

The community is here to help and we are here to share what we've already learned

Watch doors open

Leverage the right tools and learn how to get past the gatekeepers in healthcare

watch your vision come to life

Test and interate the at the speed of e-commerce

Lets admit it – healthcare is behind the digital curve

Healthcare should run at the pace of e-commerce not a fax machine

Luckily there are simple strategies and tools that can be translated to the healthcare domain and you'll be able to delight patients, payers and providers alike. Medtech Founder was created for anyone that shares that vision.

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