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The vision behind medtech founder 

It’s not hard to feel like healthcare is an immovable object and only the few can have an impact.

Digital Health is upending all the existing barriers and creating a new space for innovators, technologists, and healthcare providers.

Medtech Founder was built for the new breed of digital health innovators

Innovators like you will define the future of Digital Healthcare. We just provide the map.

It is an exciting time to be Starting a new venture.

Healthcare is transforming as we speak – getting started with the most relevant and successful strategies is so important.

Whether you’re starting a new practice, launching a medical device, developing a healthcare portal, or looking to get into telemedicine you need to understand how to scale and shape your project using digital tools.

First of all, Thank you for visiting Medtech Founder

After living and breathing healthcare innovation in startups and in the world’s biggest tech companies (Google and Verily), I can tell you that it all comes down to local solutions.¬†

I want to share what I’ve learned in over 15 years of healthcare innovation

I’ve realized that it’s by empowering innovators like you that the most value is created in healthcare today.

It’s not one company or one medical system that’s going to drive change, it’s up to individual innovators. Medtech Founder was created to empower innovators to do just that.

I’m invested in making you successful. So, let’s do this!

- Christian G.

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