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NSF SBIR Phase I Proposal Template

About The Template

This proposal template is based on multiple real and successful Phase I proposals that all received funding. It can be hard to know exactly how to structure a proposal, especially if you haven’t submitted one before.

This approach is guaranteed to save you hours of research and gives you a head start to securing real money for your business.

Access This Template For Free!

Templates like this are not easily shared, especially not for free. We’re providing it here because we want more great businesses to spend time getting funded and not writing and editing proposals.

Key section headings, structure, required detail, word counts and tips included

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How Much Grant Money Is Awarded?

In 2020 funding amounts for a Phase I SBIR grant were raised to $256,000 and are likely to stay at this level in 2022 based on NSF’s Congressional budget proposal.

NSF and NIH SBIR Phase I Award Amounts 2012-2020

First, the SBIR program is constantly being updated so keep an eye on the most recent published guidelines (NSF SBIR Phase I Solicitation 2022).

There are 10 sections to a full proposal. I recommend starting a separate folder for each of these to collect and compile the necessary information.

Many of these sections have downloadable fillable templates. Others will simply be pdfs that you create and upload.

The meat of the proposal is the 15-page project description. Accordingly, this is where an example or template could be extremely useful.

Luckily, our free NSF SBIR template is all you need to get started.

Want to see a FULL 100% real proposal that successfully won an NSF SBIR Phase 1 award? Access a Fully-Funded Proposal Example Here


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